My Resume

About Me

I have a meticulous eye for detail, the skills to explain concepts and processes in simple terms and the ability to help people see how the parts fit into the whole. I am always up for new challenges and will play an important role in how your products and services are received and consumed.

  • Experience in writing and editing technical documents, including user and installation guides, help files, software release notes, newsletters, presentations, proposals for documentation, wiki docs and web content.
  • Experience in technologies and industries ranging from Database, Banking, ATM and POS management solutions, Telecommunication, IT and Manufacturing automation.
  • Excellent reputation with client and helped bringing more documentation projects for R Systems. Served as a primary contact with the Panasonic Factory Solutions of America’s Technical Writing project in the company.
  • Excellent at working with subject-matter experts (SMEs) and product teams in numerous geographical locations to gather information, identify relevant data and audiences, and write documents as per DDLC.
  • Excellent at presenting raw, complex and unstructured data in a clear and user friendly manner for the target audience.
  • Worn the hats of a team member, editor, reviewer, project leader, mentor, and also an individual contributor.
  • A quick learner with excellent verbal and written communication skills and with an ability to successfully manage multiple tasks and deadlines.

2007 - 2008

Executive MBA
IIM, Calcutta, India

1997 – 2001

B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Nagpur University, India
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Technical Writer

  • Currently working with the WebEx Database team and collaborating with Project Manager, DBA administrators, Engineers, SOC (Security Operations Center) and teams in China and India to extract information, identify relevant data and write documents that are crisp and easy to understand for internal audience.
  • Built a new internal wiki site using Confluence to provide support for the DBA teams across different locations. Wiki pages included: Tables, Architectural diagrams, TOCs, Search boxes, Internal and external links, Collapsible code blocks for organized look and easy navigation.
  • Presented the new wiki site to the entire DBA team and created a complete user guide on how to use it.
  • Created variety of process and architectural documentation for internal use, including, but not limited to, Meeting Service, RMAN backup, Database Upgrade and Patching.

Tools: Confluence Wiki, MS Word 2017, Visio 2017, Snipping Tool, Powerpoint

Art for Evolution

Writer and Collaborator

Art for Evolution, is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2013 in Miami, FL whose goal is to preserve the environment by compensating the impact of human activity through Participatory Art.

  • Creating Blog Posts for the organization’s website as per the requirements.
  • Created a template for Letter of Intent which would be used for each project of the organization.
Toastmasters International

Content Writer – Public Relations

  • Responsible for updating content on the Toastmasters website.
  • Responsible for developing and directing publicity programs that inform individual members and others outside the club about Toastmasters.
  • Increased awareness of Toastmasters through local news and social media.
  • Created Toastmasters Flyer for distribution and marketing.
  • Hosted International Speech Contests for the local chapter.

Tools: Microsoft Word 2013, Adobe Spark, Ms Paint, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Snagit,  FreeToastHost Web Hosting

Client: Panasonic Factory Solutions of America
R Systems

Project Lead

  • Created new software documentations for the Throughput Analysis Tool and RF Scanner and updated the existing documentation for the web-based applications like PanaPRO IPO, ePlantView and Process Manager for Panasonic Factory Solutions of America.
  • Responsible for creating and updating Manuals, Online Helps (WinHelp, HTML Help, Chm and Web help), Training Materials, Newsletters, Readmes, Bulletins, and Release Notes vis-à-vis changes in products.
  • Coordinated with the client for all team meetings and release schedules in all stages of DDLC.
  • Managed and reviewed the work of 4 team members.
  • Coordinated with software programmers, computer hardware engineers and testing teams to get documentation inputs and conducted research through personal observations to get in-depth understanding of the product.
  • Attended knowledge transfer sessions and gave training to co-workers.
  • Created manual and help file for the in-house tool created to automate the Integrated Product Lifecycle Management (iPLM) processes.
  • Multiple interactions with business teams for product knowledge at onsite Chicago.

Tools: Microsoft Word, RoboHelp X5, Adobe Acrobat, Snagit, Visio, Powerpoint

Client: Hewlett Packard
ESQ Management Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

Sr. Technical Writer

  • Created Installation & User guides, Help Files and Briefs of new products based on ATM and POS transaction management.
  • Succeeded in improving quality, readability and user-friendliness of technical manuals and help-files for multiple target audiences.
  • Carried out updation of Installation guides, User guides, Concepts and Troubleshooting Guides vis-à-vis changes in products.
  • Developed a company style guide for user documentation.
  • Prepared training materials for the products developed.
  • Prepared company’s marketing brochures and presentation materials.
  • Coordinated with software programmers and QA team to get technical information for products.
  • Carried out the testing of certain GUI-based applications.

Tools: Microsoft Word, RoboHelp X5, Adobe Acrobat, Visio, Powerpoint

Clients: Wells Fargo, HCL, Bharti Telecom
Writelines (India) Ltd.

Technical Writer

  • Created Installation & Programmer’s guide, User & Training manuals, Help files and API Reference manual for banking, telecommunication and IT clients.
  • Led efforts to convert six manuals from MS Word to FrameMaker and succeeded in redesigning them in the new authoring tool.
  • Carried out updation of manuals for their compliance with the editing standards and reviewed them for adherence to template and style issues.

Tools: Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Acrobat

Active member of Toastmaster International