Hi, I’m Hardeep Kaur a California based Technical Writer. I have always believed in effective sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience not only in personal but also in professional life. This led me to choose Technical Writing as a career where I utilize my writing skills and achieve immense satisfaction in translating technical ideas into words in a format and manner that best suits the reader.

If you need a technical writer who is pleasant to work with, respectful, fits in well with your team, a good listener, inquisitive, enjoy learning about new technologies, organized, productive then look no further. Call me at …. to discuss how we can create great documentation for your next project.

This is my website for showcasing my technical writing abilities and helping you get to know me a little.

About Me

  • Quick learner with a proven ability to work in a fast-pace environment with a variety of tools
  • Excellent communication skills, well organized, and able to juggle multiple responsibilities
  • Meticulous eye for detail, the skill to explain concepts and processes in simple terms, and the ability to help people see how the parts fit into the whole
  • Always up for new challenges
  • Will play an important role in how your products, and services are received and consumed

Recommendations for my work

This contains testimonials from linkedin profile.

“I worked closely with and helped train Hardeep in software documentation at Panasonic Factory Solutions. She learns complex software systems and documentation formats quickly. She pays attention to both technical details and language and makes sure she gets them right.” – Collin Canright managed Hardeep at Panasonic Factory Solutions of America

“Hardeep is one of the most diligent, hardworking and extremely reliable person I happened to have in my team. Her methodical approach of solving a problem has always been an inspiration for others to follow. She is fully devoted to her work and would go to any length to successfully complete her responsibilities.” – Vani managed Hardeep at R Systems

“Hardeep is a very talented, hard working and organized professional. She puts in the best possible effort in her work. I was fortunate to associate and work with her. There is so much one can learn from her. I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors.” –Supriya worked directly with Hardeep at R Systems